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Xestia Scanner Server allows you to use one or more scanners over a network.


The current version of Xestia Scanner Server is 0.1.0.

Download 0.1.0


Coming soon!


The documentation provides information on how to use Xestia Scanner Server, tutorials and information on how to extend Xestia Scanner Server for developers. The documentation online contains documentation for all released versions of Xestia Scanner Server.

Access the documentation


Xestia Scanner Server is licenced under the GPL (version 3) only. For more information please read the COPYING file that is included with the archive when you download Xestia Scanner Server.

Xestia Scanner Server uses a regular expression for checking if UTF8 data that is passed to it is valid is from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website.

The W3C Software License (the 31st December 2002 version) is compatable with the GNU General Public License which Kiriwrite is licenced under. (While under British English, the spelling is licence but the names of the software licences being used is license as they were written in the United States).
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