Changes to Xestia Software Development
6th April 2019

You may have noticed a couple of subtle and not so subtle changes to Xestia's logo, website and application icons today.

To make things easier to maintain on our end, we've made some changes to website removing sections of the website that were simply duplication of information already displayed elsewhere on the website such as documentation.

We have also taken the decision to "attic" some of the applications we have created in the past as we haven't updated them in a while (in most cases, over a decade) and no longer fit into Xestia's goal of developing desktop contact and calendar applications. Applications and projects given "attic" status mean they have been discontinued and are no longer supported by us.

The applications and projects affected are: Kiriwrite is the most likely to continue as an open source project but not as part of Xestia. An announcement will be made for this at some point in the future.

A future update to Gelforn will indicate which applications and projects have been given the "attic" status.

The current intention is to continue developing Xestia Address Book, Xestia Calendar and any future applications which meets our objective of managing personal information using open standards.

Yn Maystri
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Yn Maystri
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